Roxan O'Brien

Roxan O'Brien

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Roxan O’Brien is a self-taught bead artist, whose work has been awarded juried status by the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, the first ever awarded in the medium of bead embroidery. She has over twenty-five years’ experience in jewelry making, with a background in oil painting, silversmithing, enameling, colored pencil on metal, and chasing and repousse. Her style, elegant with bold use of color and texture, in a most wearable design, makes Roxan one of the leading artists in her field.

Roxan studied jewelry design and metal work at Harrisburg Area Community College Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Touchstone Center for Crafts in Farmington, Pennsylvania. She shares her knowledge and passion for her craft, as the founder of the Central PA Bead and Jewelry Society, a nonprofit organization, with many local jewelry artists, where they can find workshops, classes, and support for their craft.

Roxan’s work is represented in fine galleries and at fine art and craft shows on the east coast. She teaches jewelry classes in her studio and throughout the U.S.

I draw from nature, interpreting it in beautiful materials and with the greatest attention to detail. Creating original jewelry designs and then bringing them to reality is transcendent, filling my soul with pure joy.

Roxan’s studio is near her home in Shiremanstown, Pennsylvania. You may contact her at [email protected] or via Facebook, where you may view her work, too, at